Top 10 Fast Selling Products to Sell Online in Ghana

The business of buying and selling online in Ghana is growing at a fast pace. The eCommerce business is becoming competitive by the day as more people are exploring this channel of making money online.

Many people fail in this business because they don’t know the right product to sell per time. Some fail because they have no idea about trending, popular and lucrative products to sell online.

Despite the fact that they are a lot of products to sell online, just a few of them are in high demand and selling faster. For you to make more sells, you need to know this trend and adapt quickly to it.

Just to help you with the trend, we’ll be putting together the top 10 fast selling products online in Ghana. Just take your time and go through them.

Fast Selling Products to Sell Online in Ghana

Below are some of the most and fast-selling products in Ghana. For every 10 Ghanaian that uses an eCommerce site, 6 out 10 patronizes any of these products.

1. Phones and Accessories

Phones and accessories sales are fast-moving products in Ghana. In fact, this is the most lucrative product to sell online in Ghana. In Ghana, both adults and teenagers like flashy lifestyle that comes with owning a mobile phone.

Top-selling brands that are found in Ghana are Apple, Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Huawei, iTel, Nokia and much more. The rate at which these products in demand is quite overwhelming.

Apart from mobile phones, accessories are also in top demand. Phone accessories such as charger, screen guard, earphones, chargers, power banks, phone case, memory cards and smartwatches are all in high demand.

2. Laptops and Gadgets

With most business going online, the demand for a computing set is also on the increase. In fact, these days, the use of a computer is gradually becoming indispensable in Ghana. Almost everyone has a need for computer, either for studies, business, communication or other things.

This is where you come in as an online marketer. You could purchase and sell these products online. You can also buy used ones, repair and sell them too. A Lot of people discover the latest computers and even their accessories online. Some of the top brands found under this category are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Dell, HP, Toshiba. These are some of the categories of computing items to sell.

What’s more, you could also buy computer accessories and gadget for sell. Accessories such as keyboard, mouse, printer, flash drive, UPS, toner, laptop bag, are all in demand.

3. Fashion

They say looking good is good business. A reason most folks patronize online store for their fashion. In Ghana, the fashion industry has received a good number of patronage from online vendors.

Interestingly, you don’t need a huge capital to start an online fashion business. With little capital, you can start selling the following high in-demand products online.

Women’s Fashion products like clothing, jewellery & accessories, shoes, handbags, traditional wears, maternity gowns, underwears, and sleepwear are all hotcakes.

Men’s Fashion products like T-Shirts & polos, jeans, corporate suites, shoes, watches, underwear, and sleepwear are also in high demand.

Other fashion items that you could sell include baby wears, wedding gowns, travelling bags etc.

4. Baby Products

Baby products are one of the most top-selling products online in Ghana today. It has high patronage from online vendors. The market for these products is on the increase and it’s profitable too. Below are the top baby products that are in high demand in Ghana.

  • Baby boys and girls: Shoes and clothing.
  • Feeding: Baby food, food storage, bottle feeding, bibs, breastfeeding.
  • Diapering: Diaper bags, changing bags, wipes, holders.
  • Bathing and skincare: Shampoo, skincare, washcloths and towels baby gifts, pregnancy, and maternity Baby toddler toys.
  • Baby nursery: Bed, cribs and bedding, nursery decor, furniture.

5. Electronics

This is one of the highest demand products to sell online in Ghana. Every household in Ghana has more than one electronic appliances. The electronic products have a large market and it is easily sellable.

Top selling electronic brands in Ghana are Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Canon and so on. As a seller, you can sell off these products online in Ghana.

Below are some of the most sort after electronics in Ghana.

  • Television and videos: LED TVs, Smart TVs, Televisions, DVD players, PlayStation.
  • Cameras: Camcorders, digital cameras, video surveillance, projectors.
  • Generators and portable powers: Generators, inverters, solar power, stabilizers.
  • Audio: Home theatre, Bluetooth speakers, soundbars.
  • Musical instrument: Guitar, keyboard, and MIDI.

6. Gaming

Before I will say gaming was male stuff, but recently females are embracing the act of gaming. A good number of people buy and play a different kind of games in the comfort of their games.

In fact, due to the love of video game, the business of video gaming is thriving well. However, most people prefer owning and playing video game at the comfort of their sitting room.

Some of the top games include FIFA “18, FIFA “19, PES “18, PES”19, battlefield, fallout, call on duty, the Witcher 3, etc. Here are the top gaming products to sell online in Ghana.

  • Playstations 4 and 3: consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Playstations vita:  consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Nintendo switch:  consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Xbox one: consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Xbox 360:  consoles, accessories, and games.

7. Health and Beauty

Health and beauty products are always in demand. These products have massive patronage in Ghana. The demand for these products cannot be overemphasized, especially among females between the age of 18 – 40 in Ghana. Here are the best products that people demand online in Ghana.

  • Beauty & Personal Care: Skincare, Haircare, Oral care, Deodorants and Antiseptics, Makeup, Personal care, shave and hair removal.
  • Health Care: Foot health, Ear care, Women’s health, Medications, and treatment, etc.
  • Vitamins & Dietary Supplement: Food and drink supplements, Weight loss products, Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Sexual Wellness: Adult toys and games, sex products.

8. Home and Office Equipment

These are products that one cannot do without in Ghana. Every home and office needs equipment. Starting from the kitchen, dining to the parlour.

The products found under this section are what everyone uses on a daily basis and here are the best ones.

  • Kitchen: cooking utensils, microwave, bakeware, storage.
  • Dining: cutleries, small appliances, knife.
  • Homes: iron, steamers, heating, furniture, wall art, home decor.
  • Tools: lightning, power and hand tools, electrical appliances, light bulbs.
  • Office products: stationery, office electronics, office cabinet, office, and school supplies.

9. Furniture

Of late, they’ve been a lot of patronage for furniture online. Every home and office needs furniture. You can go for chairs, tables, beds, boards, etc. They all come in different sizes and for different purposes.

To start selling furniture online, you need to be a manufacturer or a supplier. However, you can start a dropshipping business where your customers place others and you get your supplier to deliver to them.

10. Cosmetics

With a lot of females in need products to enhance their beauty, these products enjoy huge patronage. As an online seller, you’re sure going to have a lot of sells all year round.

In fact, cosmetic products are one of the highest trending products in Ghana. Most Ghanaian ladies cannot go without makeup, eyelashes and hair extensions. If you can fill this niche, then you are sure on the right track.

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