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Primary three was a bad year for me. I was the last but five in the class. One student stopped school prior to the exams and “block head” fell seriously ill and could not write the exams.

Going home to my father who was a teacher at a secondary school was like walking I n thorns. It felt like I was born for the bottom. Becoming one of the five best students in jhs, taking 3 prizes, in SHS and finishing University with first class CWA of 73.5 was a miracle.

Looking back, I gathered certain information along the line that brought that great improvement. Over the years I have shared these principles in mentoring people and they have made significant improves in their academics. My aim is to share the key secrets that will improve your academic life.

  1. Know the kind of learner you are.

Know that all persons are not the same and everyone has a way of learning. People have some of their senses move active than others. If you do not identify which of your senses works better with regards to learning, you may always lag behind thinking you are not good student. What you should know is that learning against your dominant higher sense would always put you last or would cause you to struggle. There are three basic types of learners: Visual, Audio and Tactile Learners and among these three, there is a major way, a minor one and an additional one…

Gathering to know the type of learner you are and applying it helps you to advance in your academics

  1. Identify your active learning times

Apart from your learning style, everybody has active learning time.  With the learning time there are also three of them: early risers, day breakers and night riders.

Learning against your active time affects your academics performance. Some copy what others do. For instance, your active learning time might be in the day but in trying to copy others, you follow your friends to learn at night. You end up sleeping and learn nothing. Your day then becomes affected since you did not enough sleep. Meanwhile, your friends were able to achieve something because they are night riders, know your active learning time and make use of it.

  1. Know your active learning environment

We usually assume that everyone needs a quiet environment to study. This is not true. Some people absorbed well when they are in an informal environment. For you to do well, find your active learning environment and study.

  1. Apply the past question trick

The more questions you answer the more you can answer exams questions. Apply this by converting all your notes into questions and answering them. You should also apply the use of past question.

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