Put Audio Music on your Blogger blog

Put Audio Music on your Blogger blog

A simple guide to add audio music in your Blogger blog post or widgets. Supports all major formats including mp3, wav, amr, aiff.

Bloggers who love music may also want to add their favorite tracks to their blogs to share with their readers. You really need to do this if you’re a part of a band and/or you run a music blog.
Audio files on Blogger
If you have music in form of videos, you have plenty of options to show it up on the blog. What about audio music?
Well, apart from adding videos, adding music files in your Blogger posts is not really a familiar thing to do, as we don’t have any uploading option for such formats. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to upload and use files with mp3, wav, amr or other popular formats onto your Blogger posts.

Audio files on Blogger

As Blogger doesn’t provide a native solution to upload audio music, you have to rely on third-party services like Soundcloud and similar to host your audio files.
Why do I recommend you to go for Soundcloud? Because it is way easier to use, fits easily in your posts, and loads up very quickly. All you need is to upload your music file, get it’s embed code, and then use it in your post.
You don’t need to worry much about adding embed code, I have this detailed guide to explain it to you in as simple words as possible.

A few tips & notes

In the end, I have a couple of tips for you — but it depends on what kind of music (your own or someone ) you want to show in your post.
  1. Soundcloud is a great library of audio files. So you may save your time and bandwidth by making a quick search about your music at the site, if you end up with any existing (already uploaded) files, then get the embed code from anyone of those files and use it on the blog.
  2. If you create your own music, always make sure if you really want to show others your creativity to other people. By this, I want to point at the concerns of stealth of your ideas online.

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