100 Business Ideas You Can Start with 100 Ghana Cedis or Less in Ghana

Here is lists of  Business Ideas You Can Start with 100 Ghana Cedis or Less in Ghana

1. Buy and sell domain names
2. Buy expired domain names and resell
3. Social media management
4. Setting social media profiles for others
5. Review products online
6. Write online articles
7. Become a Copywriter
8. Buy and Sell Phone Credit Cards
9. Buy and Sell sachet water (packs)
10. Book editing services
11. Extra classes teacher (home)
12. Running errands for busy business people
13. Sell foodstuff, from office to office(A busy business area)
14. Polish shoes: consider from office to office
15. Polish shoes, Sunday mornings or early Monday morning at bus stops
16. Lawn mowing, weeding grass in your neighborhood
17. Wash car for your neighbors/ car washing base
18. Offer home delivery services
19. Shopping for others (Fashion)
20. Customize Dress making
21. Customize shoe making
22. Customize necktie making
23. Customize lady’s accessories
24. Bead making
25. Rearing of Grass cutter
26. Snail farming(repeated)
27. Rearing of Goats for sale
28. Special packaged eggs
29. Home makeup services
30. MC services
31. Party organizer(falls under even organization)
32. Event organizer
33. Graphic designing
34. Teach a skill you know for a fee
35. Organize workshops in your area of expertise
36. Offer soft loans
37. Offer weekend braiding/plaiting of hair services
38. Sell beverages at church or events. Start with ‘Sobolo’
39. Buy and sell fresh Tilapia
40. Speaking business, Offer to speak at programs
41. Business coaching services
42. Prepare and sell pastries
43. Phone repairs
44. Selling customized phone accessories
45. Selling confectioneries
46. Designing of websites
47. Mobile app developer
48. Photo and video editor
49. Audio transcription services
50. Spoken-word artiste
51. Content developer for social media
52. Refuse collector
53. Water-supplier (using Tanks/Trucks)
54. Photographer
55. Typesetting
56. Landscaping
57. Home gardening
58. Fresh fruit Juice maker
59. Handy Man, (handy products)
60. Makeup Artiste
61. Pet Care
62. Disk Jockey
63. House Cleaning
64. Animations
65. Gym/Personal trainer
66. Music Teacher
67. Book Keeper
68. Blogger
69. Babysitting
70. Tutoring
71. Bartender
72. Recycling pickup
73. Software training
74. Translation
75. Travelling Salon
76. Smartphone repair
77. Contractor connector
78. Produce Buying and Resale/Supply
79. Fruit Supply
80. Shoe-maker
81. Fashion Accessory Business
82. Carpentry
83. Ice Kenkey Vendor
84. Fruit Vendor/Outlet.
85. Direct Sales Marketer.
86. News Article Editor
87. Water Melon Farming
88. Mushroom Farming
89. Bee-Keeping
90. Home Laptop Repair Centre
91. Home Laundry Service Provider
92. Liquid Soap Making Business
93. House-Helps Home Directory Service
94. Leatherworks Accessories.
95. T-Shirt Designs and Embossing
96. Arts and Craft
97. Public Speaker
98. Florist
99. Interior Decor
00. Customized African Slippers


I came up with ideas that you can run with or modify to suit your situation, if utilized properly based on required prerequisite for the specific business, it will work to your benefit; you will make some money and also may learn from your failures. The best is yours!


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